All economic trends show that in future tourism will be the biggest and most thriving industry with a constant growth in passenger flow all over the world.
From a legal point of view, there is an ever-growing need for a separate field of law for studying and analysing tourism in all its legal complexity: this is why TOURISM LAW came into being.
TOURISM LAW is formed by the principles of civil law and administrative law. It is linked to transport and navigation law, and to the fields of commercial, labour, constitutional and tributary law.
Tourism law is also heavily influenced by EU and international law.
From the complexity of TOURISM LAW there arose the need to offer a specialised assistance, based on a customer-friendly approach and aimed at the operators in the sector, in such a way that companies can rely on a constant and updated legal consultation service.

THE ROSSONI LAW FIRM implements constant updating and internal training activities using different means:

Reading Italian and international journals specialised in tourism law.
Attending the annual Conferences of the IFTTA association(International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates - which is formed by legal professionals specialised in tourism and transport law, within Europe and outside Europe, including emerging countries in the tourism sector. (CHINA).
Constant investment in texts specialised in tourism law.
Taking part in Trade Fairs and Meetings of the tourism sector in Italy and abroad, so as to gain a better knowledge of the sector’s legal problems.