The problems connected to the solution of legal disputes in court are well known to the entrepreneurs and the general public alike.
The assessment times of the dispute are long and  the expenses grow as the judicial proceedings are prolonged. With the risk of reaching a verdict, maybe even a favourable one, that often cannot be fulfilled due to the lack of liquidity of the counterpart, that in the meantime may have been put into liquidation or may have gone bankrupt.
THE ROSSONI LAW FIRM, thanks to its experience abroad, aims to promote a new perspective on legal assistance. the lawyer must no longer be seen as a surgeon that acts in extremis on a pathology, but as a family doctor that gives useful advice required for a preventive treatment.
Preventive consultation has revealed itself a very advantageous form of assistance for those tour operators that already make use of it, because:
it is specialised and it allows the legal problems of the tourism company to be analysed and solved at the source.
it is periodical and constant, because in time the lawyer gets to know the company better and better, instead of acting at the last moment
it is convenient, because the costs of preventive legal assistance are usually smaller than sudden much higher expenses for a long court proceeding.
it is specific as it identifies the other party, while still safeguarding the interests of the client, as a company which has the same needs for certainty and promptness as any entrepreneurial subject.
THE ROSSONI LAW FIRM favours the use of Alternative means for the resolution of legal disputes (ADR), promoting, when it is possible and allowed by the law, the means of settlement and arbitration for a speedy solution of disputes in the B2B and B2C tourism sectors.