The ROSSONI LAW FIRM carries out specialised assistance activities in the tourism law sector, mainly in the following fields:
Legal advice for drawing up contracts, conventions and agreements between tourism sector operators (sector B2B)
Tourism sector work contracts and social security consulting
Training courses for entering the tourism professions and refresher programs for professionals in the sector
Copyright, trademarks and copyright protection in the tourism sector
Legal protection and claim settlement in relations with the customer/consumer (sector B2C)
Assistance for transactions and settlements in Italy and in the EU
Legal assistance and representation in Court
Technical consulting in court
Information Technology consulting applied to tourism (privacy law, web sites and domain names, personal data flow management, payments and safety measures, mailing advertising, text and images copyright)
Relations with the Public Administration and with tourism companies/organisations (State demesne, environmental protection, town heritage protection, licences and concessions)
Legal representation and defence in court, Privacy, brand protection, security system and Internet Presence
Company protection against unfair competition
Credit recovery in Italy and abroad
Consumer/tourist protection
Drafting bills/amendments for the tourism company sector
Legal assistance when founding tourism companies and travel agencies
Legal advice for tourism advertising – protection from deceiving advertising
Assistance for on line tour operators (O.L.T.O.)
All inclusive package tours and travel contracts
Booking contracts and online booking
Hotel deposit contracts
Passenger transport contracts
Tourist services distribution contract
Tourism assistance contracts
Servicing contracts
GSA contracts